Are you looking for Accomodation near the Netherlands? 

Unfortunately finding housing in the Netherlands has become very difficult, especially when you are searching from Abroad. 

COVID-19 led to an outbreak throughout the world, where the world is in an uncertain state right now. Therefore, Searching for a home has become even more difficult in the Netherlands and even Europe as a whole. 

But, In case if you are looking for a home right now, then we have an optimal solution for you, which is to move to a “Flex Home.”

Flex home allows you to choose an accommodation based on your requirements & needs with Flexible rental plans. 

The main idea behind a Flex home is to provide the absolute value for money because it gives you the freedom to choose accommodation based on your budget and requirements.

The Flex Home Concept: Future of Housing For 2021 & Beyond

Flex Home vs Normal Housing – Know the benefits!

  1. Ease of Booking: Unlike the traditional housing method, Flex homes have an easy booking process. Where no paperwork is required, all you have to do is to provide your details & make the payment, that’s it! Also, there is no requirement of Job Contract or Warranty.
  2. Affordable: Flex homes come with affordable plans suitable for budget categories such as shared hostel rooms, apartments, private rooms, etc. You can choose any accommodation based on your requirements. 
  3. Safety: This is a crucial one, especially for all the travellers looking for accommodation around the Netherlands because there are a lot of scammers and landlords that manipulate the facts to keep safety deposits from their guests(which is illegal as well!).
  4. Flexible: There is a lot of uncertainty around the world because of Covid 19, and the job market is still uncertain. Therefore, it is not a good idea to sign a lease contract right now, instead you can choose a Flex home that meets your requirements and minimises your financial liabilities. 
  5. Socializing: Many Flex homes come with common areas, where you meet and hang out with people living the Flex home lifestyle. Also, one thing you can do is to stay with your friends in a shared space and have fun! These things are not possible in traditional housing plans because many of them have multiple restrictions such as no gatherings, separate rooms, no common area, etc. 

Get into the Flex Lifestyle today!

UrbanRoomie efforts to provide the best value, making sure that all guests have a great time while staying at the flex homes. 

There is a curated list of flex homes to choose from: 

  1. Shared Room 
  2. Private Room 
  3. Apartment Room
  4. Studio Flex Homes

UrbanRoomie flex rooms are properly maintained, and we have all kinds of accommodations that are available including No registration homes, LGBTQ friendly homes, shared kitchen, essential appliances such as Microwave, Refrigerator, etc.

Currently UrbanRoomie is operating in multiple locations across Europe including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Maastricht, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. 

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