Intensive Language Courses

Why join the Language Experience

Our Intensive Language Courses are designed for students who are ready to dedicate time to improve their speaking, strengthening their grammar, and growing their vocabulary.

Accommodation included in homestays and hotels

Our Language Courses with accommodation included provide tuition and comfortable lodging – from homestays to luxury hotels – so you can find the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle. With this unbeatable combination  you‘ll be speaking and living like a local in no time.

Improve your language skills in a friendly and multicultural community

We use an innovative approach to maximize the time you have for speaking, discussing, and role playing in class. Speaking is the most effective way to improve your English. 

You learn in a friendly, fun atmosphere! We give the opportunity to socialise and practise your English through your class WhatsApp group and at our meetups and cultural events.

Taught by professionals: We only work with highly experienced and certified native speaking teachers. To ensure that you have all the resources you need to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

The intensive Language courses are available for every level, and you can decide between several course durations.

Amsterdam Language Experience - ALX. Amsterdam
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Total support during your stay

With guidance on what to do in the city, how to find your way around, and more, you‘ll never feel lost or alone during your stay. With our Language Experience packages, you‘ll have the confidence and support you need to become a local in no time!

Meet our teachers, discuss the programs and test your level!

Nina JacquelineNina Jacqueline
14:15 23 Feb 20
A dependable place to learn English and get to know Amsterdam and NL through a variety of fun activities, with great accomodation and intelligent and worldly teachers that make learning fun!
I had a great time! In high school, the teachers were very good.I liked that I made friends and the apartment was super comfortable!I recommend it
Alexis Farias LeraAlexis Farias Lera
14:03 18 Feb 20
Cool!!!! At first I had my doubts, but I put my savings together and traveled, before I arrived I had intermediate English and my idea was to improve communication, the people of ALX are very cool and they complied with the service I contracted. I had fun, I worked for a month and that helped me not to come without money. Today I am very fluent in English, the best thing is to be able to talk with the people you meet every day during the experiences
Gabi VillarGabi Villar
08:35 18 Feb 20
ALX gives you the opportunity to study and work in Amsterdam. They offer a complete service, with accommodation, academy to study and employment opportunities. Very recommended.
Manuel GoodManuel Good
08:04 18 Feb 20
If you would like to work & study in The Netherlands. Amsterdam Language Experience helps you to start in the most easy, fun and safe way possible.