Study English in The Netherlands

Intensive English Courses

These Intensive English Courses are designed for students who are ready to dedicate time to improving their speaking, strengthening their grammar, and growing their vocabulary.

4 / 8 / 12 weeks

Number of lessons
16 lessons (2,5 hrs. each)

Number of hours

40 hours

Lessons per week

4 lessons per week

Lessons schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday


9.30-12.00h or 12.30-15.00h or 15.30-18.00

Improve your English in a friendly and multicultural community

We use an innovative approach to maximize the time you have for speaking, discussing, and role playing in class. Speaking is the most effective way to improve your English. 

You learn English in a friendly, fun atmosphere and have the opportunity to socialise and practise your English also through your class WhatsApp group and at our English Cafe meetup and cultural events.

Taught by professionals: We only work with highly experienced and certified (minimum CELTA or TEFL qualification) native English-speaking teachers. To ensure that you have all the resources you need to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

The intensive English course runs for one month, and if you feel like you still need more instruction afterwards, you are encouraged to sign up for an extra course.

Amsterdam Language Experience - ALX. Amsterdam
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Course Details:

3 CoursesElementary A2;     Intermediate B1;     Upper-Intermediate B2
Start dates 

2021: August 30, September 27, October 25 and November 22.

2022: January 17, February 14, (more dates to be confirmed soon)

DaysMonday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Timefrom 9.30 to 12.00;    or from 12.30 to 15.00;    or from 15.30 to 18.00
Locationin the heart of Amsterdam, Eerste Weteringplantsoen 2C  
Classroom hours40 hours – 10 hours per week – 4 weeks in total
Self-study36 hours
Group size6 – 11 participants
Course bookYes   (included in the course price)
Free Level testYes
Course certificateYes
Course price 545 euro


Per 4 weeks course

Next Start:
August 30, 2021

Intensive English Course in Amsterdam

✔ Expand & practise useful vocabulary and phrases

✔ Develop English skills for a variety of situations e.g. job interviews, socialising

✔ Improve grammar through feedback and spoken interaction

Meet our teachers, discuss the programs and test your English!


You can hire the ALX experience through payments from all over the world! Either by bank transfer or by Paypal. If you are from Latin America then we also accept payment through Ebanx, bank transfer or even vouchers and other alternative online payment options.

Global: Paypal and Bank Transfer
Latin America: Ebanx and Paypal

Your accommodation is not a concern! ALX offers you the best accommodation options in Amsterdam.

We have partnered up with the best hostels, hotesl and services apartments to offer you a broad selection of rooms and studios for every budget! 

Please contact us and we will find the best available accommodation for your stay.

At ALX we offer you all the options! We want you to live the experience in an unforgettable way and enjoy learning and of course, everything else that Amsterdam offers you.

Through our packages, you can purchase the transfer service to the hotel and you have our support 24 hours a day! And, even if you do not hire the transport service, you can also contact us in case you need assistance to get to your hotel.

They are certifications that ensure that the institute has teachers with a high degree of quality in teaching the English language. CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the practical teaching qualification of English that provides you with the essential knowledge, teaching experience and confidence within the classroom that you need to be a teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL). It is perfect for recent graduates, career changers, or teachers looking to pursue a formal degree and who may wish to progress to other degrees.

In our case, we do not teach courses to prepare for the Toefl, that certificate is issued by the University of Cambridge. We use IELTS, which is a 15-hour course for all ages and also a “Business” that lasts 30 hours.

MixTree is the institute with which ALX works with. Mixtree has excellent qualified and certified teachers that give the best quality of learning to our students. You can learn more about MixTree by going here:

The Mix Tree institute offers proactive and participatory classes in small intimate settings of 10 or less students situated in very comfortable classrooms, to learn the language intensively with excellent results.

The ALX experience seeks to offer you the best, that is why we look for a way to offer quality learning with a stimulating and avant-garde environment.

Of course! Our team is in charge of advising you in the best way. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you do not have any doubts.

If you are looking to learn or improve your English and you want to do it abroad

ALX brings you to Holland to live a unique learning and adventure experience, we work together with MixTree Languages institute. They have excellent qualified and certified teachers that give the best quality of learning to our students.

The mission of ALX is to facilitate the possibility of traveling abroad to learn or improve your level of English and that you live an unforgettable experience, where you will also meet different people and cultures in one of the most fascinating cities in Europe and the world.

We work together with the MixTree Languages ​​institute, which also organizes different regular cultural events where you can have the perfect opportunity to start putting your new communication skills into practice.

Don’t worry about this..

Nothing happens at all! You can contact our 24-hour support team, and we will respond in a timely manner. We will then proceed to closely review your request, and handle any problems you might have.

A study by the EF concluded that, together with Sweden, it is the country where English is best spoken and the most people speak it. Between 80% and 90% in contrast to Spain which has a English speaking rate of around 27%. This allows you 90%

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide you with a student visa in the Netherlands. However, we can help you with determining which of the other Dutch visa options is best suitable for you. For more information on this see the visa help page.   

Currently there are some restrictions when traveling to the Netherlands from abroad. Which restrictions apply, depends on the country from which you are traveling. There is currently a ban on travellers from non-EU countries with a high COVID-19 risk. However, this ban does not apply when you are fully vaccinated or if you fall under one of the other exemption categories. If you are from an EU country, a low-risk non-EU country or are fully vaccinated, you may travel to the Netherlands. There are still some requirements you will have to meet, for instance a negative test result or self-quarantine. To check which requirements apply to you, and for more detailed information please visit: