Live with a local host

Staying with local host in Amsterdam could be a great way to get to know more about the city from the amsterdammer’s standpoint.

We have apartments available all throughout Amsterdam. So whether you want to live in the centre, and be right next to the party or prefer the more quite beautiful outer ring suburban area. We have the place just for you.

We fully furnish all of our apartments, stock our kitchens with modern up to date amenities, and handle all maintenance requests directly from you. 

ALX is an expert at bringing young professionals together, so your new roommates might be your new business partners, or even lifelong friends. By signing up with us, there is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience. Head over to our bookings page to see the different packages we offer.

Contact us if you wanna know more about our living with a local host.




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      Close to public transport

Do you offer private rooms?

We here at ALX offer private single rooms, private double rooms, and studios. Check out our booking page to see a detailed list of all rooms we have available.

I heard living in Amsterdam is very expensive is that true? 

Living in the centre of Amsterdam does tend to be more expensive. If budget is really important to you, we also offer accommodation in the suburbs of the city which are in fact more budget friendly, and just as pleasant to live in. There is beauty everywhere you look in this city.

The sink is leaking, what do I do? 

We take care of all maintenance requests, so just call us up, and we will have it fixed as soon as possible.